Love interiors. Adore thoughtful gifts. Something Unique. This is where we begin. 

Atria is a home and décor brand based in Gloucestershire, with a love of design simplicity and inspired by the importance of memories.

We adore that feeling of giving a gift so thoughtful, they'd never guess what it was. Better still, it's personal and created just for them. We get super excited, when we find something so unique, we have to have or gift it! We want to create these feelings for you, by designing gift and décor pieces that you will love, simplistic yet thoughtful and truly unique.

A bit about Gemma...
(Let's pretend i'm not writing this bit ;) )
Gemma has worked as an Interior Designer for over 10 years, both domestically and within commercial environments. Whilst on Maternity leave, eager to stay creative, Atria Decor was born - and to be honest, it's just kind of spiraled!! x

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